Verizon’s version of the new flagship Galaxy S III smartphone is starting to slowly reach the hands of consumers this past week, with pre-order shipments finally arriving for a lucky few. Today we have some good news in the form of a stock firmware image of Verizon’s model. This means all you hackers can go to town and feel safe knowing you can easily get back to stock.

Verizon announced their device will officially be in stores and available for nationwide purchase on the 10th but many buyers have already received theirs. The official stock firmware image has been released by the folks over at Samsung Updates and is available by clicking here. All those adventurous modders and hackers can now get to work on the Galaxy S III.

Speaking of modding and hacking. It appears the bootloader on the Verizon Galaxy S III might be an issue. Verizon has been known for locking down basically everything they’ve released (except the Galaxy Nexus) and aren’t fans of keeping things open. While users of AT&T and T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III’s have been able to root and tweak with ease, those with the Verizon model are having zero luck. Hopefully Verizon hasn’t locked it down, but it wouldn’t surprise me. More details on that can be found at this XDA thread. Start enjoying that shiny new Galaxy S III and let the fun times begin. Expect plenty of hands-on and a full Verizon SGSIII review coming soon from yours truly.

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[via Droid-Life]