This entire Verizon Galaxy S III launch is continuing to get worse and worse. It’s almost reminding me of the Galaxy Nexus launch all over again. After countless delays, date changes, and more it looks like those who’ve ordered online are now getting ship dates showing July 19th. Whatever happened to the 10th, or the 12th?

Today Verizon has officially confirmed the July 10th “official release date” has been pushed back 2 days and is now set for July 12th. The Galaxy S III should be available in stores nationwide on the 12th. For those who’ve opted to order online, Verizon is now telling users their phones will ship by July 19th. Another week of waiting it seems.

At this point we’re not really sure if we should be blaming Verizon or Samsung for the delays. We know the demand has been huge for this flagship smartphone, and that both T-Mobile and AT&T had to add slight delays — but nothing like Verizon has done. For whatever reason they seem to be struggling with demand. Most likely it’s due to massively high sales, but we can’t be certain. You might want to head to a retail store on the 12th or 13th instead of ordering online. Who’s getting the 19th for their ship date?

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[via Droid-Life]