If you’re the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S III on Verizon we have some excellent news to share with you this afternoon. It looks like the wait was shorter than expected because Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and all it’s goodness is coming to your device. Verizon has just confirmed the OTA update to 4.1 Jelly Bean, and it’ll likely start soon.

We’ve been following this closely, as Verizon is one of the only Galaxy S III phones that has yet to see the update. Earlier this week Verizon’s support page seemed to “tease” the update with some terrible photoshop skills, but now that Verizon has confirmed the update as “coming soon” right on their official device support page — you all should expect it soon.

As usual, once the update details get posted by Verizon in this fashion the update usually follows in a matter of days. We’ve been hearing December 14th for the update, Friday, and that looks rather accurate right about now. Most likely Verizon will start a limited rollout and continue pushing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the Galaxy S III over the weekend. Interestingly, the official build coming soon is VRBLK3 — which leaked last week and is linked to below.

The update will include everything we’ve been loving about 4.1 Jelly Bean. A few being Google Now voice search, expandable and improved notifications, project butter, a better keyboard and much more. Verizon’s support documents also state that the Galaxy S III will be compatible with ISIS Mobile payments, so looks like Google Wallet is still a no go. They’ve fixed tons of bugs, added global roaming, and improved some reboot issues from before. Hopefully the update will start hitting devices on Friday. We’ll update as soon as it starts to arrive. Get ready to start checking for updates folks!

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[via Verizon Support]



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