If you’re one of the many proud owners of the Verizon Samsung GALAXY S 4 and would love to root that 5-inch smartphone we have some good news. The device has already been rooted, bootloader cracked and more, but today an easy all-in-one simple one-click tool has been released to make your lives even easier. If you’re interested in rooting, read on past the break.

If you want to be rooted and ready for the coming soon CM10.1 builds for the GALAXY S 4, and any other custom ROM’s or hacks this will be probably the easiest way for now. As usual those awesome developers over at XDA have packaged a little one-click tool that does all the work for you. It’s extremely simple but as usual, will void your warranty.

Again, this is only for the Verizon GALAXY S 4 (i545) and will root your device with ease. Then once Samsung and Google drop that Google Edition GS 4 you’ll already be rooted and waiting. A custom and completely stock Google Edition ROM will probably appear within a few days. So how do you root? Here’s how.

• Download zip file
• Unzip on desktop
• Connect phone with USB debugging enabled
• Click RUN_ME
• Pick option and go!!
• Have patience it takes a few for cpu to see phone after reboots and in Odin
• Don’t disconnect phone until process is complete

As the instructions say it really is that easy. Download the one-click file and unzip it on your Windows PC. Connect the GALAXY S 4 with USB debugging enabled and wait for those drivers to install (if they haven’t been installed automatically already) then just open up the newly extracted zip you downloaded and hit Go. It’s just that easy.

It also lets you choose between ClockwordMod or TWRP, for those who’d like one or the other, so give it a try today and let us know how it goes. Now all we need is Android 4.3 or that Google Edition to get to flashing some fun on our shiny new Verizon GS 4. Good luck!

SOURCE: XDA, Droid-Life