We have some great news this weekend for those folks on Verizon hoping to own Samsung’s new and impressive phablet. The Galaxy Note II has leaked in the flesh complete with Verizon and their popular 4G LTE branding stamped on the back. This basically confirms the device will be headed to Verizon, but then we got a little extra branding too.

Wait, what? Is that the Verizon logo also plastered front and center right on the home button? Yes it is! Isn’t it beautiful? (kidding) We aren’t too sure if this is real or not, but it’s safe to say that is some questionable carrier branding and something we surely hope doesn’t become a trend in the world of Android — or Verizon.

What we are seeing is essentially the exact same Galaxy Note II as the international version — save for that branding front and center. We’ve been hearing Samsung will be pushing the Galaxy Note II phablet to all major US carriers with the same design just like the Galaxy S III launch, and this looks to confirm that.

For now we aren’t too sure about the photos. The logo on back seems perfectly fine and nothing new, but if Verizon starts tossing them on the front home button too we’ll be quite surprised. We are hoping this is just a pre-production test model and that design “idea” will never see the light of day. Otherwise every time you hit that home button you’ll be reminded who you’re paying — good ol Verizon! Now all we need is a release date guys!

[device id=3362]

— Thanks to everyone who sent this in!



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