More Note 3 rooting stories are coming to light, and they tend to have one thing in common: your data can get lost during the process. Users are reporting losing all data, wiping their phone and rendering it like-new, which can be annoying if you’ve gone through the trouble to change settings up. If you’re willing to subject yourself to a clean device, the video below is a great way to accomplish root on your Note 3.


Before walking yourself through the methods below, make sure you’ve backed your device up to save any data you may want to put back on the device. Please also keep in mind that this is for the Verizon Note 3, and it’s not been made clear if it works on the other carriers’ variants.

The process is pretty easy. Just download the necessary files, reboot (which can take a few times), and you’re rooted. Again, this wipes your device, so it’s best to take the Micro SD card out as is shown in the video.

The video is pretty long at 15 minutes or so, but worth it if you want to flash a new ROM to your device. Keep in mind that any rooting may void your warranty or insurance agreement, so make sure you’ve checked both of those things before you get involved. If you’re ready to customize your big Note 3 for Verizon, this details the steps pretty well.

VIA: Droid Life