If you’ve got a Galaxy Note 3 for Verizon, plug it in! An update is available for you, but won’t be pushed to your handset over the air as usual. This one seems to come solely via a wired connection, but doesn’t take long and brings you the joy of KitKat with TouchWiz.

Via Android Central, we learn that plugging your Note 3 into a Mac or PC computer will activate the Verizon Software Assistant. From there, an update is suggested, which brings you the latest Android 4.4 for the Note 3 from Samsung. Kies, Samsung’s update software, will also give you the update.

The lucky soul who spotted and reported the update noted it took about 30 minutes to complete, which may be why it’s not an OTA update. That suggests a lot of data pushed, and Verizon may not want to task us with that via a cellular signal.

The Verizon Note 3 may be behind contemporary devices for KitKat updates, but it’s here now. Considering the update is technically unofficial (we’ve not heard from Samsung or Verizon about it), there is no word on if this will be available over the air, or when that might be.

Source: Android Central