We waited and waited for what seemed like forever for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to hit the shelves with big red’s 4G LTE speeds and since then I haven’t heard much. I know almost everyone here ran out and picked one up, or hit Costco for their small savings. Wirefly has the Verizon Galaxy Nexus for just $229 — a cool $70 cheaper than Verizon.

After being delayed a while and finally hitting the shelves it’s been selling like hot cakes — especially anywhere with a good price. Online retailers such as Amazon offering lower prices have been sold out, or sell out within a few hours. Over at Wirefly the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is available, in stock, and at a lower price than Verizon.

This awesome phone needs no introduction with its bright and beautiful 4.65″ Super AMOLED display so I won’t mention the specs much although the full details (including our review) are below in the all new Android Community timeline. As usual with Wirefly this deal is sadly for new customers only and will not give you that great price for an upgrade. This would be a good time to switch to Verizon though with the 4.0 ICS rocking Galaxy Nexus and their blazing fast 4G LTE speeds. If you’ve been waiting for another deal and are sick of waiting for Amazon to have more stock feel free to hit the Wirefly link below and get your own today. Enjoy!

Wirefly Galaxy Nexus Link

Update: Target still has it for $249 also

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