Google announced Android 4.3 yesterday. They detailed the changes that could be expected and even said the update would begin rolling out to Nexus devices that same day. And in addition, Google released the Android 4.3 factory images. The catch with all this, there is one Nexus branded device that has once again been snubbed in terms of the update.

The GSM/HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus Android 4.3 factory images were posted, however those sporting the Verizon CDMA model were not quite as lucky. With that in mind, a third-party ROM has come available (by way of RootzWiki developer baldwinguy77) for those itching to update. The ROM is called “Shiny” and is described as being an OTA-like JSS15J Android 4.3 build.

Details of the Shiny ROM tell the story of how “everything works” but that there may be some “possible bugs.” Or in our words, if the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is your daily driver you may want to hold back and wait for something that has been tested a bit more. Those who are moving forward should know this ROM is not rooted. It is however said to be easily rootable.

Otherwise, some of the highlights include the ROM being deodexed and having the Shiny restart options (accessible by holding the power button and long pressing the “power off” option) as well as the 4.2 wallpapers and sounds. Perhaps more important for some, the proprietary Google apps have been taken care of and all the Google apps such as Gmail and the Play Store are included.

Anyway, the user forums where the ROM has been posted has a full and compete set of direction for those looking to get started. You should also take note upfront that you will need to flash the latest bootloader (PRIMEMD04) as well as the latest recoveries and radios before you begin the process. But again, the directions as well as links to all necessary files can be found using the VIA link sitting below.

VIA: RootzWiki