Those carrying a Verizon Wireless branded Galaxy Camera may want to be on the lookout for an update. Basically, Verizon Wireless has announced and will soon begin rolling out the update which contains some new features and modes as well as some smaller improvements. The update will be coming over-the-air and will measure in at a rather large 179.8MB in size.

Beginning first with the new features and modes and we are talking about a Remote View Finder and Smart Modes. The remote view finder app is just as the name would imply, it will allow you to use another device as the view finder for your Galaxy Camera. The compatible devices include those in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab series as well as the iPhone. The view finder connects using a Wi-Fi connection.

Shifting over to the modes and we have four new additions. These new additions include Dawn, Party Indoor, Snow and Food. All in all, Galaxy Camera users now have a total of nineteen modes to choose from when shooting. With the new goodies taken care of, lets get into those improvements. In this case they deal with S Memo and the Help app.

The S Memo update notes that users will now be able to create a record with photos that have already been taken. The Help app does just what one would hope — it gives the user the ability to read up on the functions, main apps and features that are available for use. Otherwise, this update is arriving as software version JZO54K.GC120VRAMC4 and those with a camera in hand can navigate to Menu -> Settings -> About device -> System updates to try and get the process started.

[via Verizon Wireless]

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