When Verizon finally brought back their “unlimited” plans (with caveats of course), postpaid users were the only ones that benefitted from it. But now the carrier is introducing a new prepaid plan for those who don’t like long-term contracts or undergoing credit checks to get into a “serious” relationship with a service provider. For just $80 a month, a prepaid user can enjoy unlimited data, talk and text to over 200 international destinations. The prepaid market is actually a growing segment as many want to have its flexibility over that of the postpaid contract.

But when talking about unlimited data, we of course always put it in quotes because it really is not the unlimited that most carriers offered before. Video streaming is limited to just 480p so now 1080p or HD streaming for your favorite movies or shows. You are also not allowed to do mobile hotspot or tethering. Machine-to-machine services are also not allowed. And of course, if they notice that you’re using an extraordinary amount of data, they will throttle your connection.

Verizon is also touting that in just a few months they have been able to create a more robust lineup of prepaid products, showing that the focus has shifted from the supposedly more lucrative postpaid market. They introduced a $40/month 2GB plan for those who do not consume that much data and a basic $30/month plan for those who just want unlimited text and calls.

There is also a caveat that Verizon “may prioritize your data behind other customers during times/places of network congestion.” It may not be such an appealing aside, but if you think you can live with that for $80 a month, then you can consider this offer.

SOURCE: Verizon


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