If you’ve been complaining about how long it’s taking for the Android 9.0 Pie to finally get to your device, think about the poor owners of the LG V20 contracted with Verizon. Apparently, it’s only now that the carrier has announced that the device will finally receive its Android 8.0 Oreo update after most Android owners have probably been enjoying it for the past year. The other major US carriers have already previously rolled out their updates but Verizon seemed to have been left behind.

Well, it’s still better late than never as the LG V20 under Verizon can finally get the Oreo update and then maybe wait another year to get Pie, which is now already very slowly rolling out to Android users. The V20 is probably the last removable battery flagship from the Korean OEM so people who like removable batteries will probably stick with it for some time.

Because it’s been some time since we’ve gotten an Oreo update, Verizon very kindly included in the changelog what are the things that you will be able to enjoy once your phone gets updated. You’ll be able to choose from four icon shape sets that the update will bring. You can also now create app shortcuts by touching and holding an app icon from the Home screen. You also get new notification badges which you can dismiss by erasing it on the notification panel.

In case your fingerprint detection fails for 20 consecutive times, the fingerprint recognition will be disabled and will only resume once you are able to unlock it with a secondary secure lock. The settings menu has also undergone a change and will be reorganized according to use. You also get to set the font type, size, and bold text at once and if you saved your personal information to your account, it will autofill when needed.

The updates may seem a bit “old” now but if you’ve never experienced Oreo yet, then these are of course new. Make sure you’re connected to a stable WiFi source when downloading the update and make sure your battery is fully charged.

SOURCE: Verizon