Coming off their recent deal with Skype, Verizon has now put together a short video discussing all the great things you can do with Skype Mobile. Starting this month the Droid, Droid Eris, and Devour handsets will come loaded with the “new” feature that allows for calls anywhere in the world without using minutes. Skype Mobile will surely be added to every upcoming Android device from Verizon.

Sticking to its recent assaults on the iPhone there is a part in the demo that states “these devices can run more than 1 app at time”.This video informs all of you that has not heard of or is unfamiliar with Skype all the amazing things you can do with it’s service, all while using none of your minutes. It still surprises me that Verizon is making this available to their customers, it seems they are trying to change their image to a more open feel and it is working.