Marking a device for end of life, especially so early, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect future updates from this point on. As usual, an internal document from any company is meant to stay internal, so if you think just because your Droid Incredible is listed here it means it’s over and done with, no worries. You’ve still got some time.

The new document goes through the process of listing all of Verizon’s current generation devices, ranging from BlackBerry’s, and encompassing all of their Android offerings. The Motorola Devour? Despite the fact it actually isn’t even getting an update, it’s still listed here as not going through its death throes until March of next year.

Noteworthy handsets are the HTC Droid Incredible (03/31/20100), the Motorola Droid 2 (03/31/2011), and the Motorola Droid X (03/31/2011). That’s only seven months from now, so while it may not be as long as the original Motorola Droid’s 10 month lifecycle, we’d be willing to bet that that’s going to be a hearty life for the devices. Especially if a slew of new Android-based devices, and tablets, are really coming by early next year.

[via PhoneDog]