Verizon will offer employees a chance to purchase a ‘Limited Edition’ Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX. Most noticeably, it will include a red/black kevlar back but the words “Limited Edition” are also individually engraved onto the bottom of the front bezel. It turns out that one employee plans on making a little extra cash off of the situation.

Under item specifics, all remains the same when compared to the standard RAZR MAXX. This special edition will set you back (at least) an extra $100, as the bidding starts off at $750. The seller also specifies that he/she will answer any questions concerning purchase, and that the phone will not be in their possession until either March 2nd or 3rd.

Sure it could be one of the “rarest” phones on the market, but does a red etched pattern on the rear warrant the extra cash? I suppose for a collect it would, but for the majority of us – not so much. There are currently no bids on the device, and 9 days left on the auction. And don’t expect to ‘Buy it Now’, unless you plan on spending the $2,250 the employee is asking for.

[via DroidLife]