Just as expected, today Verizon wireless has lowered the price on their popular 4G LTE phone and Google’s flagship device the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Originally retailing at $299 with a new contract starting today the phone can be yours for $100 off, just $199 and a new 2-year contract.

The Galaxy Nexus needs no introduction and everyone should be plenty familiar with it by this point, it’s been out for around 4 months already. If not, check out our review and countless posts below on the impressive phone. The discount available starting today brings the Nexus in-line with some of Verizon’s other top sellers like the HTC Rezound — even if it saw its own sale recently too.

Verizon has some impressive 4G LTE phones available now, and the Galaxy Nexus was one of the higher priced options before today. Now you’ll have to decide what device is right for you, since they’ve lowered the price. The Galaxy Nexus launched this weekend on the Now Network for $199, so most likely this is also Verizon matching their pricing strategy. You can get it today, right now for $199, or pay the outrageous $649 outright should you choose by heading to VerizonWireless.com

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