It looks like Verizon and the DROID army aren’t wasting any time with this @DroidLanding campaign. 2 days ago they made the first tweet in 3 months, and today they are at it again. All systems are a go, they finished updating and have officially launched. With a teaser site and video both to go along with this. I see them pushing the Droid Charge pretty hard the next few weeks. See below for more information

This mysterious video has appeared showing nothing about a phone, just a bunch of mystery and creepy things going on, all leading up to @DroidLanding and ChargeLanding. They are calling this the Droid Landing 3. Are you up for the challenge, are you ready for the scavenger hunt that is soon to follow for the Droid Charge? Everyone else is.

This all came together pretty fast, it looks like once that red button was pushed the system went into DROID mode and everything else just took over. Now we can only sit and wait until the clues start coming in. Be sure to keep your eye on @Androids, as well as @DroidLanding for more information.

[via @DroidLanding]