This morning Verizon has announced another new price and offering for the prepaid plan folks. The new plan is 3G only and is a prepaid, contract free, and is offering unlimited talk and text, along with 1GB of data for a low price of just $80 a month. It might not be the best deal around but it’s not bad considering data alone starts at $30 for Verizon’s regular plans.

Now as a quick note this new unlimited talk/text and 1GB of data plan is for 3G smartphones only. As in most of Verizon’s recently released devices that are all 4G LTE cannot participate from what we understand. Basically leaving older Android phones, like the Samsung Illusion or DROID Incredible 2 to the deal.

The new prepaid unlimited plan should be available for those interested starting tomorrow, although with it only being available for 3G I’m not sure who this is designed for but I’m sure some have the need. Additionally Verizon has also announced new hotspot plans starting at 250MB a week for $15, or 3GB a month for $30, and they go up from there.

[via Mobile Burn]