This new upcoming data plan from Verizon might not be a lot, especially if you’re addicted to Facebook like some of my friends, but at least they are offering something. With the summer season approaching the picture below fits this new deal perfectly. If you are one that travels often, or are headed for some sandy beaches and warm sunny days this summer season you might want to look into Verizon’s new 100MB international data plan.

Available starting April 23rd Big Red will be offering a 100MB international data plan for just $25. They won’t give a discount for more though, and if you approach the limit or want more another $25 will get you an additional 100MB. This can be used for quick emails, browsing the web (won’t last long) or checking Facebook updates while relaxing in Cabo.

If $25 dollars is worth it for you to post pictures on Facebook teasing all your friends who are still home going to work, this is the deal for you. According to Verizon this 100MB international data is available outside the US in 120 countries and destinations, including all of Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada. Although you do need to be an established Verizon customer to partake in the offering.

More details can be found at for those interested. If you have any big plans this summer let us know in the comment section below where you plan on soaking up the sun.

[via Computerworld]