Previously, Verizon had been telling their “unlimited” data users who were heavily using data that they will not be able to keep their plans and offered several other options from them. Now it seems that a new batch of subscribers have received letters saying that they need to be able to choose a new plan by February 16 or else, they’ll find their line discontinued. However, some users are saying that they’ve also been included even though they’re not really heavy data users.

Verizon did not give a specific amount of gigs a user has to be using in order to be on the “boot list” but eventually people guessed it was around 100GB since they were often pointing to their 100GB plan as an alternative to the unlimited data plans. But the latest batch of users contacted by the carrier seems to be consuming 200GB data and above, so it’s either the number has adjusted or our earlier estimate with the 100GB data was wrong.

Either way, these customers are being told that they are no longer welcome to the unlimited data plan since they’re using up an extraordinary amount of data every month. There are of course issues from customers saying that it’s supposed to be “unlimited” so why are they now being punished for just taking their word for it. But if you’re not happy with this latest move, you can always just leave and move to another carrier that offers better deals.

However, there are also some users who say they received the notice but they haven’t been averaging 200GB per month and in fact are nowhere near that number. There is no explanation from Verizon as to why this is, so it’s either there was a mistake or they just really want people to move to other plans. If you’re not going to contest that, you have until February 16 to make the move or else your line will be disconnected.

VIA: Droid Life