Verizon Wireless is set to distribute a Motorola 4G LTE smartphone in 2011. Verizon’s chief operating officer, John Stratton, said the company will be ready to distribute the smartphone next year and it will fully utilize their new ultra fast 4G network.

“We’ve got LTE smartphones around the horizon. Motorola will be right there.”

These comments mark the first time we have heard of a confirmed handset maker that will utilize the brand new LTE network. Motorola has previously commented on their plans with LTE devices, but they have only stated to expect one in 2011 – no official time frame has been announced.

Now we know that there should be about half a dozen LTE devices, including tablets and handsets, at CES next year. But with this Motorola confirmation we can almost guarantee that we will be seeing this ultra-fast smartphone in the first half of 2011.

[Via WSJ]


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