Hot on the heels of the iPhone 5 release, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo has some strong words to say. Shammo argues that unlimited data is essentially going away forever and never coming back. According to the report he said that “unlimited is just a word” and that “it doesn’t really mean anything.”

Those are certainly fighting words from Shammo, and I’m sure T-Mobile has something to say about that, since they offer “true unlimited data” to its customers. Frankly, we’re not really sure why Verizon has lost hope in unlimited data. We can only guess the company wants to limit its users so that it doesn’t overload the network, but we know that’s really not what it’s about.

On a related note, Shammo says that Verizon’s new Share Everything plans are going great. Consumers are being more receptive to it than the company originally thought. Shammo said that it’s because users realize they don’t need unlimited data, so they end up having an easy time accepting coming off of an unlimited plan.

Then again, 2GB shared data plans start at $30 per month, which is the same cost as what unlimited plans were priced at, but we knew that was too good of a deal for consumers. It’s no surprise Verizon wanted to get rid of anything that relates to a “good deal.”

Have you given up your unlimited data plan and went to Verizon’s shared data? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Stream ONE movie over netflix and you’re already over your cap.

    This is why tons of people are switching to truly unlimited plans offered by several other competitors.

    The only thing Verizon has going for it at this point is coverage. But that will only take them so far as MOST people don’t leave their local area’s all that much.

    As soon as my contract is done, I’m giving verizon the boot. I’ll gladly switch to a competitor and not look back. Because I know that I’ll truly get what I’m paying for.

    C-ya verizon. Was fun but you went batshit crazy during this relationship and I’ve got to move on.

  2. I ditched my unlimited plan for a 4GB plan a few months ago.. Saved some money on my monthly bill and haven’t even came close to using half of my cap, let alone going over. I’m a pretty liberal data user, too.. I use Netflix a lot for streaming while I wait on my wife or kids in the car or something.. I also tether my tablet and my laptop when I’m out and about. The trick is making sure I use wifi at home and at work..

  3. Dumped my unlimited plan the day the Share Everything plan went live. Saved my wife an I a bunch of money. We never get anywhere near cap.

  4. I use between 4 an 5 GBs every single month. My wife uses the same. We currently have the $30 unlimited data plan. For us to switch to a 10GB plan would not only cost more, but we would not be covered those months when we actually use more.

  5. I used to have the Unlimited Plan, till I deployed, and when I left did not freeze my account(due to Verizon acting asinine at the time), but instead cut the contract, and it was even difficult at first to even get them to cut my contract when I had my deployment orders right there on the spot.

    Needless to say, when I came back, I went to Verizon, to give them another try, and also because they due have the best coverage for my area, unfortunately. Unfortunately I promptly discovered there was NOT an unlimited plan, but they did have the promotional double data gig going, so that was my only and best option. I frequently used to go over 5 gigs before I deployed, and my mobile usages for what I do have only gone up. I was very disappointed in this, and now have very carefully watch my Data intake. I don’t watch movies much, but I travel a lot, and do utilize youtube often. Also I download packages for my phone that aren’t what you would call small. Now I need to wait until I can go to Wifi locations to make sure I do not cap out and it makes it a lot more difficult to do things on the go(which I am always traveling).

    I have already had enough of Verizon’s Customer service, and have only had maybe two decent people through out all the entire business that were decent. Maybe three, but I digress. Every day I am getting closer and closer to cutting ties and going to another company. The only parts of Verizon that are decent(location dependent), 1) The mobile footprint, to include 4g(which has a lot of network issues in connectivity) and 2) FIOS, but you really have to be in certain areas to even get it, and if not, to bad right(PS I won’t be able to get it for quite sometime most likely at my house let alone 4g at my house). So for me, as I will be deploying again, might just end one more money wasting tie with them, and move on over to contract free unlimited data, or something similar, though I really don’t want to buy a new phone or loose 4G(whenever I travel through cities).

    If Verizon gave me back my Unlimited Data, and not at some ridiculous price mind you, I would most likely have no issues staying with them, and even deal with their extremely lacking customer service when needed!

  6. Yeah, paid a premium to cancel my contract with Verizon after being with them for only four months. That said, now i’m saving money every month and enjoying UNLIMITED data with T-Mobile. Stream Netflix, Pandora, Sirius/XM, Watch ESPN, no limits no worries no speed cap and no crap. Word to your mom.

  7. Verizon use to be the carrier to go to in the past for Good value. Now They make AT&T look like Girl scouts compared to the current Verizon/Nazi Regime they currently have.
    I’m grandfathered into the “unlimited plan” and boy do rack up the usage because I can! and its “unlimited” for now.
    The only positive of Verizon is their network and that’s all. I will refuse to upgrade my phone and loose my “unlimited status, and when my contracts up I’m gone Verizon. Ultimately all carriers will eliminate the “unlimited” and that will be a very sad day for all consumers….
    You can stick your BIG RED were you know were! Verizon.

  8. Verizon knows people want the unlimited data. I personally use about 14Gb a month. I am on the unlimited plan. I am grandfathered. The only way I can keep my unlimited plan and upgrade is to buy the new phone at full retail price and tell them I DO NOT WANT A NEW 2 YR CONTRACT!!! And pray the person doesn’t mess up and take me off of the unlimited plan or else I am screwed.
    Verizon says people are happy to go to the new share data plan. Well what other choice do they have? Of course it is popular, they eliminated the unlimited plan so they HAVE to take the share plan. The only reason I stay with Verizon is because of the nationwide coverage. If I loose my unlimited plan then I will change carriers for sure when my contract is up.
    Verizon wants to control how we use our phones. They tell us what plans to use. They force us to keep apps on the phones that we do not want on them. They do not allow apps that can/will help us on our phones because it overrides verizons pay apps. But yet we pay a fortune for what is suppose to be ours phones. If it is truly MY phone then why do I have to have verizons apps on the phone that I do not want?
    Don’t even get me started on the customer service. You want to talk about rude, uncaring, disrespectful people. Verizon customer service is the way to go if that is what you are looking for. I even had a supervisor Yell at me on the phone and hang up on me. Not to mention none of their employees know anything. You can ask the exact same question to 20 of their employees (including supervisors) and you will get 20 different answers. Not to mention what ever an employee tells you, corporate will not stand behind it.
    In general Verizon does not care about their customers. The employees will find they don’t care about them either. Verizon is just grabbing all the money they can get now because they know they will be loosing customers.

  9. Straight ups You are almost all right! I have unlimited on Verizon and talked at length about getting 4G unlimited as a grandfathered plan but those A’s would not do it, even if I paid full retail price. So as long as I keep this or some other 3G phone I can stay on the plan. The rub is that if I went to Boost mobile it would be $50 unlimited everything and im paying at least double. Im on contract till next February, then freedom! I vow to pay under $60 for unlimited everything. I used to love Verizon but since I don’t want a crappy phone Im not limited by carrier once the contract date expires. Thanks for all of the great relevant comments. I hope the morons at Verizon are reading them too.

  10. I left Verizon Wireless on Friday after using them for the last 6 years and switched to Sprint. The new “Share Everything” plans are a joke. I only have one phone/device… that’s all I need. Their new plan was going to cost me $100/month AND they would be stopping my grandfathered-in unlimited data at the same time. No way in hell I was going to pay the full, unsubsidized price for a new phone just to keep the unlimited data I already had, while also having to pay Verizon’s rip-off monthly plan cost. Greedy bastards. I did get a better signal with Verizon than I do now with Sprint, but that’s something I can live in return for knowing that I’m not being RIPPED OFF.


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