It’s now the turn of the older Samsung devices to get the Android 7.0 Nougat update. This time, Verizon is the one rolling out the update for the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 owners. Just like with previous major updates, it takes time for them to actually arrive since they have to deal with various levels of approval, from Google itself to the device manufacturer to the carrier. But now, at least for owners of these devices, they get to experience the new features that Nougat brings.

For Galaxy S6 edge+, not only do you get the usual Nougat enhancements, like better multi-tasking options, replying within notifications, improved battery management, and Data Saver working as it should be. You also get Effects preview on your camera so you will know how an effect will look like even before you take the picture. You also have Performance Mode and choices among Optimized, Game, Entertainment, and High modes so however you use your device, you will be able to maximize it.

The Galaxy Note 5 users will be able to experience all of that too. But in addition, the S Pen has also been enhanced. You now have an AIR command that will let you create GIFS easily. You will also be able to translate text easily just by putting your S Pen on it. You can also now edit and mark up PDF files with it. You will of course still be able to write and send text messages, crop photos and get screenshots.

You get the usual instructions before updating to Nougat. You need to back up your files in case they get erased in the update. You need to have enough space, sufficient battery life, and a stable internet connection. Happy Nougat-ing!

SOURCE: Verizon (1), (2)



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