The more options that people have with their carrier plans, the better. And Verizon has continued to expand their prepaid line by adding two more options for those who would prefer to not be tied to any long-term contracts, but would still like the benefits that subscribers can enjoy. By November 13, you can choose to have a 5GB plan for $50 a month or the 10GB plan for $70 a month. Data is probably the most important thing that mobile users are looking for now, along with value for money of course.

The 5GB prepaid plan brings you, aside from the 5GB of data, unlimited talk and text within the US plus international messaging to more than 200 countries. You also get carryover data if you do not get to use up all your data and if you pay on time. You can also use your device as a mobile hotspot and you can keep it Always On but at 128 kbps, it may affect the quality of streaming audio and video.

Meanwhile, the 10GB plan will of course have the same features as the 5GB one, but with the addition of unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada. So if you have loved ones or business contacts over there, then this will be a good prepaid plan to have. And at just $20 more expensive, you get double the data. So if you usually consume more than 5GB a month, then this is something you should consider.

Verizon’s other prepaid plans are the 6GB ($60) and 3GB ($45 autopay and $30 WiFi only) per month plans. All of these prepaid options come with HD Voice, video calls, calls over WiFi, 6-way calling and surfing while calling. You also get the option to get a smartphone, including Google Pixel and Motorola Moto Z, but of course you’d have to pay for it the full amount.

SOURCE: Verizon


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