Verizon has started implementing LTE service into the AWS it purchased last year. The acquisition, which cost Verizon $3.9 billion, is for the 700MHz Block C spectrum, which covers more than 300 million PoPs. Oddly enough, this is the same spectrum T-Mobile uses for their limited LTE coverage.

The spectrum was purchased from a group of cable companies, with Verizon noting they plan to use it specifically for major markets at this time. While Verizon was mum on which markets would have access to the spectrum, one user in New York notes it is getting them 80Mbps download speeds. One user in New York does not a coverage map make, though.

Verizon also doesn’t have many phones which can support that spectrum, but has already begun working them into the lineup. Of course, this may all be a precursor to Verizon’s switch to VoLTE, which they will start by the end of this year.

Verizon Spokesperson Tom Pica told Fiercewireless “As our customers’ wireless data usage continues to grow, AWS spectrum is being deployed to ensure the continued consistent reliability and capacity of our 4G LTE network” in a statement regarding the news. Verizon may have the best LTE network around, but their shared data plans and VoLTE could make for a very tenuous relationship with consumers in the future.