Verizon announced their earnings for Q4 2013 earlier today, and things are as expected. In the face of an Uncarrier onslaught, Verizon kept it’s growth trajectory alive and kicking, adding 1.7 million customers last quarter. That means about 103 million of us now use Verizon, making them the largest domestic carrier by a noticeable margin.

 The carrier is well known for having the largest LTE network, and their traffic shows it. According to them, roughly 69% of data traffic now flows through their LTE network, a poignant metric for a few reasons. First, it makes them the easy go-to for great service.

Second, such a robust LTE network puts them in a good position for their upcoming VoLTE network, expected to be rolled out later this year. Verizon is saying their LTE network actually covers 305 million users, or 99% of its 3G network. Though VoLTE requires things like new devices, there is likely little work to be done in regard tot tower upgrades for the new technology to take effect.

Their fourth quarter profit was a healthy $7.9 billion, which comes on revenue of $31.07 billion. That’s a quarterly revenue growth of 3.4%, and outpaces Wall Street expectations of $31.02 billion in revenue. When it comes to activations, Verizon continues to lead the way to a new day.

Last quarter, Verizon says they activated 8.8 million smartphones. For the nation’s largest carrier, smartphones now account for 88.9% of all device activations on their network, and this quarter’s activations represent a 3.5% increase over the previous quarter. Reveue is up, earnings are up, and activations of smartphones continue to rise. Verizon had a great 2013, and 2014 should be no different.
VIA: Venture Beat