Speculation about why Verizon didn’t get its Android phone from Motorola when the T-mobile device was announced recently is running rampant. Many expected the Verizon device to debut alongside T-Mobile’s and that didn’t happen.

InformationWeek reports that Verizon is set to get its Motorola Android phone in the next few weeks. The Cliq is the device announced for T-Mobile; perhaps Verizon simply didn’t want to share the spotlight with a competitor?

InformationWeek cites a source who claims that the Verizon android powered Motorola handset is ready to go and Motorola is just waiting for Verizon to get its ducks in a row. From the unorganized way the Motorola event came off, it’s clear that the decision to not show off both phones at once was last minute and the real reasons why may never be known.