A few years back, carriers that had 5GB of data plan were already considered too expensive by some users and that the data they have is more than enough. Fast forward to now, and having 5GB of data is considered too low and a throwback. Taking on the challenge thrown by AT&T last August with their new data plans, Verizon has now announced they are adding the XXL plan to their existing plans, giving heavy data users more options.

The XXL data plan will give you 18GB of data for a price of $100 per month. Sounds steep right? But if you think that their previous plans that brought at most 12GB of data wasn’t enough, then maybe you’d be willing to spend that much every month in order to maintain your “digital lifestyle”. Verizon actually launched their new tiered plans last month, moving away from contracts with phone subsidies and instead offering plans with data caps. Their plans consisted of S (1GB, $30/month), M (3GB, $45/month), L (6GB. $60/month), and XL (12GB, $80/month).

In comparison, AT&T offered new data plans, consisting of a 15GB at $100/month and 20GB at $140/month. So Verizon actually offers more data for the same price, although AT&T still has the largest GB offering. But you can probably expect Verizon, and maybe other carriers as well, to match or surpass that.

If you’re interested in Verizon’s XXL plan, you better get on it right away. The carrier says they will only be offering it for a limited time, although they didn’t specify how limited it is.

VIA: SlashGear


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