As coronavirus compels us to convert our home into a classroom or office, one thing that’s of utmost importance is Internet connectivity. Working from home or just to stay connected, requires almost all of us to rely on a cellular data plan. Verizon, like other internet service providers, is going out of the way to help us meet our data needs. On April 22, Verizon announced that it will continue to support customers by providing an additional 15GB of high-speed data with wireless plan from May 1 through May 31.

It is pertinent to note here that on March 23, in an effort to support customers who may require additional data to learn, work or stay connected from home, Verizon had added 15GB of high-speed data to wireless plans. The data was added automatically to all wireless consumers and small business customers from March 25 through April 30.

In the recent announcement, Verizon informs that customers will not be required to perform any additional action in order to opt of the data extension. The data will be automatically added to the current plan of both residential and small business customers. Small business implies to customers with 50 lines or lesser. Additional 15GB 4G LTE data at no extra cost doesn’t come without a data cap – so, if you happen to max out your plan, data speeds will be reduced.

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand to new boundaries, various companies are coming strong to help people stay connected and entertained at home for no extra cost. Similar to the Verizon, AT&T also announced it will automatically add 15GB per month to users in existing unlimited plans. T-Mobile on the other hand is offering additional 20GB mobile hotspot data for two months.


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