Today the folks from Verizon Wireless have announced that as usual they are working hard to expand their ever growing 4G LTE network across the US. Today they’ve confirmed 6 states to receive massive expansions throughout. Their rollout is leading up to matching their 3G coverage across the US and today they are one step closer with huge updates.

Verizon has continued to update and update their network with improvements across the board, and no ones been able to match their 4G LTE rollout. Even AT&T is far far behind, but has been making huge improvements to their network. Today Verizon announced Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Connecticut and Pennsylvania have all received massive expansions.

For those in these select regions, you can expect 4G LTE to be expanded or enabled throughout the region. While not all locations will receive the faster speeds, all major areas should be included. Missouri and Connecticut both receiving the largest updates with over 15 cities throughout Missouri, and around 9 for Connecticut.

Verizon has also stated that since most major cities in Ohio and others have already been covered, these updates are to more rural areas, as well as major highways and other parts of the country to offer a complete blanket of blazing fast 4G LTE. Verizon is showing no signs of slowing down and at this pace both AT&T, and newcomers like T-Mobile have some serious catching up to do. Did your city get coverage added? Let us know if you’re seeing faster speeds.

[via Droid-Life]



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