Over the weekend, Verifone introduced a new operating system and device that retailers could use for mobile payment. It’s an independent mobile point of sale (mPOS) payment terminal that receives mobile payment whether from a smartphone or a tablet. Officially called as PAYware Mobile e355, this newest Verifone mPOS terminal eliminates the need to frequent upgrading of both the mPOS terminal and the OS. This one comes with a special OS that can be tweaked, which means any merchant can customize and update the system as needed. No need to change the hardware at all since all it needs are some updates on the operating system.

Verifone Mobile is known for its mPOS terminals, bringing merchants the best in consumer technology today. The new PAYware Mobile e355 is expected to last longer because it’s easily upgradeable and flexible. It even supports various OS like Windows, Android, and iOS so it can work with different smartphones and tablets for more convenience.

Verifone’s Senior Vice President of Mobile Solutions Mark Shockley noted that having to purchase a new mPOS terminal every time mobile devices are upgraded in the market inhibits a number of things for merchants. Shockley said, “Verifone’s single, modular solution will offer the ultimate in mPOS flexibility, allowing it to persist across changes in devices, even if somebody wants to make a complete switch from one OS to another.”

Verifone MPOS

PAYware Mobile e355 accepts most types of payment from EMV to Apple Pay, NFC, and the traditional magnetic strip. It also comes with a bar code scanner as a special option plus USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity. Device will be out in summer.

SOURCE: Verifone