Although most of us are now using video chat to communicate with family, friends, and work, there are still other entities that may need to call you through voice calls. If you’re using the Google Phone app, you will soon get a new Verified Calls feature which will tell you why a business is calling. It will give you the opportunity to think about whether you need to answer that call or not. But this will apply only for businesses that have passed Google’s verification process.

While the feature doesn’t seem to have rolled out to other users just yet, Android Police says that Google’s support page explains how it works. The previous level of screening that we had was just plain old call screening where you can see who the call is from, if you have them on your address book or the number is recorded in Google’s directory of businesses or if it’s from a possible spam caller. It’s usually initiated by the receiver on the phone call.

This new feature will have businesses go through Google’s approval process, give your number, and the reason for the call. Your device will compare the incoming call information with the information that they received from the business. The Phone app will then display the information, including the reason which may be food delivery, installation of internet, or whatever else business they may have with you.

After you’ve received the call, Google will be deleting the information from their server for data privacy purposes. The Verified Calls feature is already turned on by default for your Phone app. But you can also opt-out of it if you don’t want to see why people are calling you for some reason. Maybe you would like to live life a little more dangerously and just randomly answer calls.

In any case, this new Verified Call feature doesn’t seem to be showing up for any users just yet. Maybe Google is still rolling it out gradually but if it does show up for you, let us know if this has lessened your anxiety about unknown incoming calls.