If you’re like me and use up that smartphone battery way faster than you wish you did, we have good news from Verbatim today. The extremely popular global leader in data storage, Verbatim, has announced they’ll be getting into the portable charger and power pack market for smartphones and tablets. Today they’ve detailed four all-new charger and we have the details below.

Verbatim has been a global leader in USB storage, portable hard drives, and obviously CD and DVD options for years. They’ve now got 4 ways to keep your smartphones, tablets, and even Bluetooth headsets juiced up on the go. There’s many choices when it comes to power packs, so they’ve announced multiple models so surely one will fit your needs.

They’ll offer the AA Power Pack, with 4 alkaline batteries that should give you a few extra hours at $19.99. Then the Ultra-Slim Power Pack with a 1,200 mAh battery that should give you almost an entire charge with a smartphone, the Portable Power Pack with a 2,200 mAh battery inside for $39.99 that will give you a complete recharge while on the go for phones with larger capacities. And last but not least the Dual USB Power Pack. For $89.99 this 10,000 mAh portable charger will keep your smartphone juiced up all week, or give your tablet extra juice when in need. 10k mAh for only $89.99 is a pretty decent deal compared to others, and coming from Verbatim you know it will be of high quality.

For additional details, compatibility, and pricing head to the source link below if interested. That Dual USB Pack is looking really good right about now if you ask me.

[via Verbatim]