Recently we’ve been seeing waves and waves of what we’re all calling smartwatches, and today we have a neat new option to share with you guys. While many of you might not be sold on the benefits of a smartwatch quite yet, the new VEAbuddy works across all major mobile platforms, and has a simple and easy to understand interface so we figured you’d like to check it out. Read on for more details and a quick video.

From VEA Digital comes a brand new smartwatch called the VEAbuddy. They want to take on Pebble, the rumored iWatch, Samsung’s leaked Altius smartwatch, and anything else that becomes available. Whether or not that can happen is another story altogether though. While we’re still looking for more details on their watch, what they’ve shown so far looks promising.

Featuring an ultra high-contrast 2-inch color touchscreen the watch is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and operating systems on the market as only Bluetooth technology is required for connecting each other. Then the watch internals were specifically selected to keep the size down, and as a result it’s only 8mm thin. You can tell from the photos below just how low profile it really is.

Like most smartwatches, this is currently a crowd-funded project over on Indigogo — so feel free to drop in if you’re interested. The video above gives you a good idea of all the features, options, and potential this device has, and they claim it works on all major mobile OS versions. According to VEA it works seamlessly over Bluetooth on iOS, Android, and even Blackberry. I’d like to test it out in the real world of course. What do you guys think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.