We first heard word of the Verizon VCAST App Store a few months back. Since then many companies have also seen the need for their own Android application stores but it looks as if Verizon will be the first to officially launch their own. In a statement released today, Verizon not only confirms the VCAST app store, but also confirms it’s availability for next week on the DROID Incredible.

“Verizon Wireless will begin pushing a software update to the DROID Incredible next week. The update includes software enhancements that will pre-install V CAST Apps on the phone. We said earlier this year that we’d be expanding V CAST Apps to the Android platform, and the DROID Incredible is the first Android phone with the store. Developers continue to submit apps, and as a reminder, V CAST Apps allows carrier billing, so customers who purchase applications through our store will see those charges on their monthly bill. For more information about the update customers can go to www.verizonwireless.com/droidincrediblesupport.”

This app store will not replace the Android Market on Verizon’s Android devices it will only offer up a new way for users to get applications. And with Verizon’s benefits for the program we can expect to see many developers to jump into the new market and put their apps up on the store.

[Via DroidLife]