Super Evil Megacorp – yes, that is a legit name for a game developer company if there ever was one – hit the jackpot when they released Vainglory for iOS in November last year. MOBA gaming is a very popular genre, but it is notoriously difficult to execute for mobile platforms. That said, Vainglory is one of the games that bucked that specific trend, and the devs have deemed it popular enough to be launched on Android.


If you don’t know what MOBA games are, maybe some familiar game names will jog your memory – DotA, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm are all MOBA games. Vainglory was designed from ground up with the mobile platform in mind, so you will notice immediately that maps are smaller and games are shorter, but very much action-packed.

If you are a MOBA gamer, you will probably expect a 5v5 game here, but the developers have found that a 3v3 map and game is more manageable. Tapping will either move your hero or attack a target, and your hero skills will be laid down at the bottom of the screen for easy access.


The graphics are gorgeous, if the screenshots are anything to go by. We would assume that the screen on a smartphone will cause some bouts of claustrophobia for some, but then, there are fewer robust tablets out there than there are smartphones. If you have a high-powered tablet, then this game will be a source of MOBA gaming fun for a while. It’s free to play, pick it up at the download link below.


DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store