Neckbands seem to be in demand. Aside from the LG Tone series, here’s another pair that can you can use if you want a more luxurious look. V-Moda just introduced the Forza Metallo Wireless which is described as the first ergonomic neckband headphones in the world. If you’re not familiar with this form, know that there are people who prefer neckbands because they don’t irritate the ears after a long time of usage.

The Forza Metallo Wireless headphones offer a metal housing, sport fins and ‘TrapLock’ titanium neckband, micro 5.8mm hi-res drivers for high-fidelity audio, and 3D printing customization of in-ears for more comfort. This Bluetooth neckband also comes with noise-canceling microphones so it’s also great to use for taking phone calls and voice chats.

Making the pair more comfortable is the 3D printing idea that allows you to have in-ears that fit exactly. It brings personalization so you can have the earbuds that are perfect only for you. Forza Metallo Wireless may look luxurious but its design is minimalist that you can easily hide it under your collar. The ergonomics is just once special characteristic as the neckbands battery lasts all day. It also features an enhanced antenna, titanium cable, and Qualcomm aptX Technology for Bluetooth Sound. The aircraft-grade metal housing makes it one durable pair as well.

This Forza Metallo Wireless design is very ideal for everyone whether you are a business professional, active sports person, or a music audiophile. It’s also sweat and water-resistant so water won’t get inside the accessory.

Forza Metallo Wireless neckband headphones are now available in White Silver and Gunmetal Black from authorized dealers and directly from for $170 (€170 and £150).