Carrying your phone is a part of you and it feels awkward when you don’t have it. Your phone also becomes a tool when you need to improvise. Using it as a flashlight is probably the most common thing when you need light. Whether it’s just turning on your screen from sleep or actually tapping into the camera flash, we all use some sort of light source from our phones. The Power Button Flashlight/Torch app on Google’s Play Store can help you out when you’re in a dark situation.

Shining a light couldn’t come up any quicker now with the Flashlight/Torch app. Starting your phone’s flash is quick. Your phone obviously needs to be powered on, but the display screen can be locked or off – No need to unlock your phone to get into the app. Simply press your power button 3 times within 3 seconds and voila – “Let there be light”. If you’re phone is on then press the power button 4 times to enable the flash.

The app is free to use but there is a full version available. The difference is the Turn Off feature. With free version, you’d have to turn off the flash within the app itself. In the full version, you can turn off the flash using the power button and also eliminate ads. Settings in the app let you control auto shutdown town after a certain amount of time, notification features when flash is on, and other settings.

I’m always using my phone’s flash when I’m working on my car. At times I hesitate to use it because I have dirty or wet hands that could compromise the phone. With the Flashlight/Torch app, you get to access the flashlight with just using the physical power button. So there’s really no risk in reaching for the light in that situation.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


  1. This is so good! I am from upper NY state, and in the dark winter nights it is so frustrating when I have to take my gloves off when I need the flashlight of my phone! Not any more – with this app I will be able to just press the Power button 3 times – not touchscreen needed, and voila – I got the flash light on! Will go for the full version as it is such a nice and useful feature!


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