With the amount of heat-generating appliances that we use at home, chances are, you never really think about the “wasted heat” that emanate from them and are just floating around in the air. But inventors Sergey Komardenkov and Vihanga Gore did think about it and have come up with a device that will enable consumers to turn all that wasted heat into reusable electricity, like charging your smartphone or tablet on your kitchen table.

Excess heat in our houses come from various sources, from something as simple as tea pots, to the even stronger heat-generating appliances like computers, game consoles, even your refrigerator. Heat Harvest captures all this wasted heat and then converts them into electricity through the power of thermoelectricity. It is also because of the latest developments in nanotechnology (no, we’re not talking about Ant Man) that the conversion process is now more efficient.

The creators are looking at two products that can use this tech. Table tops are one and it will be able to extract heat from things that are placed on top of them, like hot soup in bowls, a frying pan from the stove, etc. The other product is heat harvesting pads that can be placed under TV sets, refs, or any heat-emitting power adapters around the house. And in a “plot twist”, those wireless charging devices that you use for compatible phones? They can also be used to gather wasted heat, then turn them back into electricity, then use that electricity to charge your smartphone again. It’s basically charge-ception!

For now, this is all in the experimental, theoretical stage, although the inventors do have a lot of partners like the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) and the Fresh Living Lab so it will not be surprising to see the product soon in the market.

SOURCE: Space 10