If you’re pretty satisfied with Android (although of course, you probably have a wishlist), then you probably will not want to experiment with other operating systems anytime soon, unless you buy a new second (or third) smartphone. But if you’re just a little curious about this thing called Firefox OS, which has been around for some time now, then a new experimental app released by Mozilla should give you a feel of what it is without necessarily having to let go of Android.

B2G or Boot 2 Gecko basically lets the Firefox OS become an Android launcher for whatever smartphone you’re using, simply by installing said app on your device. It was actually created by a Mozilla developer Fabrice DesrĂ© and it will give you the feel of running the Firefox OS without having to give up the comfort of Android. It will takeover your screen and serve as your official launcher. However, since the actual Firefox OS does have its own apps, it may sometimes overlap and crash with Android, resulting in a confused homescreen and smartphone system at times.

Besides, the Firefox OS wasn’t really created to become an app launcher, so it may not perform as well as you would expect. Actually, don’t expect too much, or rather expect occasional crashes, instability issues, all for the love of trying out something that is still in an experimental stage.

If you’d still want to try it out, you need to enable 3rd party applications on your device to be able to install b2gdroid. After installing, just hit the home key and then switch to “Firefox OS”. Then you’ll be able to see if this is something you’d like to stick to eventually.

VIA: SlashGear