Pizza isn’t a traditional holiday meal, but in this case I may be willing to make an exception. Papa John’s just released their very of Android app in the Market, and to celebrate they’re giving users a big, juicy discount. Order a pizza through the app and you’ll get a generous 25% discount, valid through New Year’s Day. (Think of it as getting two slices for free.) Any full-sized pizza qualifies, even “specialty” varieties, but you’ll need to sign up for an official Papa John’s account first.

The app itself is pretty neat: it uses GPS to find nearby Papa John’s locations, and automatically directs orders placed through the Android app to the nearest delivery location. “Coupon” deals show up on the app as well, and you can customize your order to taste. All in all it’s a pretty awesome way to order cheap dinner, if you absolutely must avoid human contact at all costs. When they start rolling out the Android-powered robot pizza delivery guys, we’ll be golden.

To top it all off, so to speak, Papa John’s is giving away the Verizon Galaxy Nexus to some appreciative pizza aficianados. All you’ve got to do to enter is “like” Papa John’s on their Facebook page, and the company will give away one free phone for the next four days. As long as you don’t mind admitting to your friends that your allegiance can be bought with cheap pizza and the possibility of expensive smartphones, it’s a pretty neat deal.

[via Androinica]