While devices are getting smarter and smarter (and some may even be smarter than their human being), it seems like their batteries and their chargers are still left behind the “dark ages” (we mean, like 5 years behind their time). And so when products that plan to improve our charging lives come along, we sit up and pay attention. A Kickstarter campaign called UsBidi says they are the most intelligent charger ever!

So what makes this charger so smart? For one thing, when you’re fully charged, it will shut off the charging circuit so that your device will not overheat or won’t have those mini-charging cycles that contributes to the damage to your battery capacity. So even if you leave your smartphone or tablet charging overnight, it will not become “stressed” even if it’s plugged in. It also charges your phone twice as fast because it has the ability to stop data syncing so that it will focus solely on giving your phone or tablet juice.


It is also “stylish”, well as stylish as a charger can get. It has magnetic ends so you can stick it in places where magnets stick, and keeping it “mess free”. It also has a colorful, braided exterior so it can stand out from the plain colored default chargers and comes in 1, 3, or 6 feet options. It also has an LED indicator so that you can see your charging status at a glance.

The UsBidi has more than reached its $35,000 goal, showing that people are really hankering for a product like this. There are still 35 days to go for the campaign so if you feel like supporting it and getting the charger in return, do so before it ends.

SOURCE: Kickstarter