The biggest game of the year is this weekend and I bet that most of you football fans out there are giddy with anticipation. The amount of coverage this weekend for the big game will be insane and USA Today has announced coverage for Android users that sounds really cool and uses augmented reality.

USA Today will offer augmented reality coverage leading up to the big game starting today. You can download a special app on the Android Market that will allow you to take a tour of Dallas Cowboys stadium with an introduction by Jerry Jones that covers highlights inside and outside the stadium.

After the big game on Monday USA Today will also offer some cool augmented reality images of key plays from the game. When the user points their Android device at the photos in the Monday edition of the paper, they will get 3D animated views of the plays. This actually makes me want to buy my first newspaper in years. The Augmented Reality is powered by an app from juanio.


  1. How quick can this become the standard? If I opened up my sports page and every picture I pointed my phone at jumped up in 3D, I’d resubscribe to the newspaper in a heartbeat.


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