The trend in the smartphone market continues with Android leading the sales of smartphones in the United States. Most of that is thanks to the Galaxy S4, but iOS isn’t far behind. Apple‘s iOS is also creeping up, and all set to become stronger competition with iOS 7 and the new iPhone coming later this year. According to new studies, Google’s Android grabbed 52% of smartphone sales in the United States. The figures coming from sales from March through May.

However, it exhibited little growth from the figures during the same time period from last year. On the contrary, during the same time-frame, Apple’s still popular iOS was able to grab 41.9% of smartphone sales in the United States. The figures reveal an increase of 3.5% from that of the sales figure a year back. Some are attributing the gain to the sales from T-mobile offering the iPhone, and not an increase of popularity over Android.

The latest installment of Apple’s flagship device, the Apple iPhone 5 was the best-seller during the three-month period ending May. Despite launching the iPhone just in April, 2013, T-Mobile was extremely successful managing a good chunk of 1st time smartphone buyers. As a matter of fact, 28% of T-mobile users eying to change their phones are considering iPhone as the first option. According to reports.

iOS is followed by the Windows Phone. Microsoft’s Window Phone could get hold of 4.6% market share during the three-month period ending May. Which certainly isn’t much and only a mere 1% gain from what we saw previously reported for last year.

This is just one report of many, during a specific time frame of device sales, so we’ll take it all with a grain of salt. Plus, we already know Android is the best. Right?