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A few days before the end of an era, the Trump administration has once again slammed Huawei. The Chinese OEM has been the subject of scrutiny and accusations and to make things worse, the government stopped shipments from Intel and other American suppliers. The move is not really surprising but no formal announcement has been made yet. Sources are saying that the administration has notified companies that supply to Huawei that licences to sell to the firm will be revoked.

More licenses and applications may also be rejected according to a source. This move could be the last against Huawei after years of trade ban. All efforts have been made to weaken Huawei as it was accused of spying for the Chinese government. Huawei is a national security threat as per Washington so all ties must be cut.

Just last week, Xiaomi was added to the U.S. investment ban blacklist. Some people are expecting things will change once Democrat Joe Biden is officially president. Intel and Huawei have not made any statement yet.

The US Commerce Department is said to be denying requests for exports to Huawei. Revocations of licences are believed to be happening. No confirmation has been made but some people are saying included in the list is Kioxia (Toshiba Memory Corp) which is a Japanese flash memory chip maker. It’s not the only firm to be affected but  we can see the gravity of the situation. Interestingly, the US government still allows American firms to work with Huawei but only on 5G– related matters.

Huawei Still Not in the Clear

The US government under Trump’s leadership has been intensifying its fight against Huawei. Several businesses have been affected not only in the US but also in other countries where companies use American technologies. These firms still need to get license from the US before they can supply to Huawei.

We learned about billions worth of items and technologies have been stopped because of the situation. Several license applications have also been denied. This is still a developing story. We’ll know more in the coming weeks and months as President Biden steps inside the White House. Huawei has been trying to survive the US sanctions so let’s wait and see.


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