If you’ve been thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you might want to head on over to Amazon right now as the S-Pen wielding smartphone is priced lower than Samsung’s current $899.99 price tag. Depending on what color you want, last year’s flagship phablet is priced between $700 – $718.98. But you probably should hurry as it looks like they may have limited stocks available and the site does not indicate until when the promo price will last.

If you go to the Amazon page where Samsung is currently selling the Galaxy Note 9, you’ll see the following prices depending on the color variant. The cheapest is the Alpine White which is just $700 while the Lavender Purple is slightly more expensive at $704.99. The Ocean Blue is priced at $714.99 and lastly, Metallic Copper is at $719.98. The stock availability varies per color as well.

The US variant of the Galaxy Note 9 comes with a Snapdragon 845 processor which is supposedly faster than the Exynos 9810 powered one that comes with the international version. This is also the unlocked version so you should be able to use it with any US carrier that you’re subscribed to.

We’re expecting the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10 later this year and rumor has it that will come with 5G support. But if you think that’s too far away and you want a smartphone with an S-Pen right now, then this Note 9 on Amazon is a good deal already. Better make up your mind soon.

SOURCE: Samsung