Verizon Wireless and AT&T both offer shared data plans and it looks like another US-based carrier will soon be following in their footsteps. This latest carrier is US Cellular and while they have yet to offer an official announcement, a leak is suggesting these new plans could arrive next month. The details are not yet complete, but what has been leaked has these plans looking rather similar to Verizon and AT&T.

With that in mind, there was mention of how these new plans will allow customers to “economically connect multiple lines and devices.” By that it looks like the US Cellular shared data plans will allow the users to use the data in different manners. Basically, that is to say they have a big pool of data they can use on a smartphone, to tether or even on a tablet.

It looks like US Cellular is currently in the process of introducing these new plans to employees. Part of the leak did involve the image you see below which details the benefits for US Cellular as well as their employees and the customers. We suspect more than a few will already have bad feelings about shifting over to a shared data plan, but there may also be a glimmer of hope.


There was talk of the customers being able to keep their current plans on a grandfathered basis. Granted, we know that often means making some adjustments in how you upgrade (as we saw with Verizon Wireless), but the option to keep a plan that you are currently happy with sounds like a plus.

Perhaps the real question will be how the customers react. If you remember back, US Cellular recently announced the end of the “One and Done” program. That change went into effect towards the end of July and meant that existing customers looking to upgrade would now have to sign a new two-year agreement. Previously under the One and Done setup existing customers could get upgrade pricing without having to sign a new agreement once they completed that first two-year commitment.

SOURCE: Droid-Life