With T-Mobile and AT&T making changes to their plan allotments the past week, more carriers were expected to follow suit in some fashion. US Cellular may be accepting the challenge of offering more for less, and is rumored to announce changes to their plans, effective March 13. Bringing more data to new and existing customers, US Cellular may give some a compelling reason to jump ship.

Whereas T-Mobile doubled up on data, US Cellular is sad to be tripling the data one plan gets. Their $40/month option, which now gives customers 300MB data, will get a bump to 1GB. The $50/month option for 1GB data will now get 2GB, and the $60/month option for 2GB will now give customers 3GB.

These prices are for their shared data plans, so it’s not the silver bullet it seems to be. There is still a $40 connection fee per smartphone on the plan, and $30 for feature phones. Tablets will require a $10 per device connection plan, potentially running you significantly more than initially imagined.


Additionally, US Cellular is bringing in a $15/month plan, which will provide customers with 300MB data monthly. There will also be a $60/month single line, which gives customers 1GB data for one line. The $60 plan is for a limited time, which seems to end when US Cellular launches their new Simple Connect Plans.

Less out-of-pocket is great, but steep device connection fees dog these plans. We’re also not huge fans of shared data restrictions, but if US Cellular is the best on offer in your area, give it a look. These may end up being the best plan options for you.

Via: Phone Dog