T-Mobile Moto X users began seeing the Android 4.4.2 update last week, and now it looks like the update is underway with a second carrier. The lucky group are US Cellular users, who will be seeing a similar update. US Cellular users will want to be on the lookout for an update notification, but in the meantime, what follows is what can be expected in terms of the update.

Once the updated has been completed, US Cellular users will have a handset running Android 4.4.2 and with software version 161.44.27. Aside from a small difference in the software version number, the actual changes will mirror the T-Mobile update. That is to say US Cellular users can expect an update dealing with printing, battery life and email sync.

  • Printing documents and pictures: Added support for printing photos, Google Docs, GMail messages, and other content via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hosted services like Google Cloud Print and HP ePrinters.
  • Improved battery life: Fixed bugs which caused a small number of users to experience shorter battery life after upgrading to Android 4.4.
  • Fixed email sync delays: Fixed a bug that could cause email services like Microsoft Exchange to experience intermittent delays in data synchronization.

Aside from sitting back (with some patience) and waiting for the update notification to arrive — US Cellular users can also take the proactive approach and go looking. Those choosing this route should grab their handset and navigate to Settings -> About phone -> System updates -> Check for system updates to try and get the process started.

Remember though, these types of updates rollout in batches. Or in other words, just because Motorola has fully detailed the update, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is available for your specific device just yet. All that having been said, while the bump to 4.4.2 is smaller in terms of changes, it is refreshing to see Motorola getting this out so quickly.

SOURCE: Motorola