As we learned earlier this morning, Samsung is going to begin rolling out Kit Kat for those in the US market. Samsung had said the updates were set to begin today, however that also came with word of how the actual rollout would be dependent on the specific carrier. With that in mind, it looks like US Cellular Galaxy S 4 users may begin seeing the update as soon as tomorrow, February 19th.

Details have yet to be confirmed by US Cellular, however this certainly does fit the timeline provided by Samsung. Instead what we are seeing comes by way of a leaked screenshot courtesy of Android Central. Details here point toward the US Cellular Galaxy S 4 getting Kit Kat, which as we learned from Samsung, will actually be Android 4.4.2.

Other points included bring mention of needing to be connected to WiFi, and have the device linked to a “valid” Google account. Otherwise, the update will be coming over-the-air, and should begin and wrap up rather quickly. The leaked screenshot tells the story of an update beginning on February 19th, and ending 10 days later.

Or in other words, this means not everyone will see the update tomorrow. We suspect many will be checking, however the best option is likely to try and have some patience, and simply keep an eye on your notifications. Once the update notification has arrived, it will be nothing more than following the prompts and a few minutes of your time.